Tuesday, 17 July 2012

vlcc sweat free sunblock lotion SPF40, PA+++ : review

Today I would like to review one of the latest launches by vlcc …sweat free sunblock lotion SPF40, PA+++
I got this product as a free sample along with my order from stylecraze.com. I just want to thank stylecraze for this. They just give you these small little surprises and I feel so happy that I got another product to review on my blog. 

It comes in a tube with a round screw-up cap in the market.
The product that I got was in a small sachet inside a turnover leaflet. 

 Rs.95 for 30 gms and Rs. 325 for 100 gms. .
shelf life:
36 months.

 avobenzone, octocrylene, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, octyl methoxyl cinnamate, trehalose, comfrey plant extracts, enantia chlorantha extract, allantoin, vit B3
Directions: apply liberally on the face and neck, 15-20 mins before sun exposure. Reaaply frequently for long duration sun exposure.

Product claims:
No sweat refreshing formula for all skin types.
Protects from UVA & UVB rays, which prevent premature ageing and skin burning
Sweat free for light, non-greasy feel
With comfrey plant extract to soothe and nourish skin
Allows you to be in the sun 40 times longer
Leaves skin youthful, fresh and glowing

The sunscreen is a little creamy in consistency and slightly tinted(very slightly).Appears off white in colour. the consistency is no where near any lotion.

 I was too happy to see the sweat-free label. I thought it was meant for people like me who really sweat a lot. 

But my verdict is that this is strictly not for all oily skinned beauties (especially if you stay in humid places)…dry skin people should be happy with this. I think it would be fine with people who stay in drier weather conditions (atleast not as humid as Kolkata).I tested in the most humid time of the year in Kolkata and I did sweat a lot. It could not keep my oil under control for even half an hour…(I have super oily skin and sweat excessively)…..my skin looked oily and dull and I had to wash my face with a face wash to regain freshness.
The smell is a neither very mild nor very strong and lasts for around 10-15 mins after applying, something like men’s deo/shaving foam…can’t compare with anything else to explain..i just felt so… …but it is really gentle on skin.. Did not break me out or anything..

Could not keep it on for long so cannot tell about the effectivity of sun protection, but with SPF 40,PA+++ I think this will do a fairly decent job for all whose skin would suit with this.

Love the smell
Not at all pricey
SPF 40,PA+++
Dry skin people would love the moisturisation
Gentle, non-irritant, suitable for sensitive skin
Not very expensive.
Got it as a free gift (not a pros actually)

Oily skinned people may not like it
not suitable in humid conditions
Could not fulfil its claim of being sweat free
No mention of it being sweat and waterproof, hence can’t be used before swimming.

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  1. I have dry skin an I even got a small pack as free gift in some magazine. I superlike this product. It mosturizes and give a glow to skin. It never did once broke me out and I feel fresh after putting it on. A 5/5 prouct for me :D :D