Tuesday, 24 April 2012

All about Make-up remover and Cleansers

We all love makeup so much ............and no wonder we are all of us are so crazy about it. But an integral part of makeup is a clean, clear, blemish free, healthy, even skin tone that makes makeup application super easy. To achieve this we should maintain a regular skin care regimen of which cleansing is the first and vital step. All oil, dirt, pollution, makeup..Every speck that accumulates on our face should be scrupulously cleaned religiously every day before going to bed. How many times have we heard and read that do not sleep with makeup on...but still at the end of the day we are at times really lazy. Today in this post I shall discuss the various options and methods available for makeup removal.
Bi-phasic/dual phase makeup removers: these are available from both drugstore and high end brands. Two separate layers of liquid can be visibly seen and the bottle needs to be shaken before use so that that both layers merge into one layer. Very friendly to skin and eyes and effective for waterproof makeup too.
 My pick: eye and lip makeup remover (for review click HERE)

Crème makeup removers: these are creamy in consistency and normally available in a tube packaging. Effective for waterproof makeup too.
 My pick: street wear makeup remover, Revlon eye makeup remover

Cleansing milk: most cleansing milks can effectively remove makeup though with some brands removing waterproof makeup may be a tough deal. They normally sting if accidentally enters eyes.
My pick: lakme fundamentals deep pore cleanser, garnier cleansing milk, Himalaya cleansing milk

Bodylotion/face lotion/baby crème /any moisturising lotion: these too can be used in case no other option is available. Just apply a little over the area, leave for one minute and wipe with wet cotton. Be careful with eyes, it may be sting dangerously.
My pick: Himalaya face moisturising lotion, Vaseline body lotion

Almond oil: many girls swear by this and this too is effective.
My pick: rogan shirin badam oil

Olive oil: Just apply a little over the area, leave for one minute and wipe with wet cotton. You could wet it with rose water too.
My pick: bertolli olive oil

Vaseline: this is easier than the oils as it is thicker and easy to apply, especially around eyes and very effective too.
My pick: Vaseline petroleum jelly original

Baby oil: out of the numerous beauty uses of baby oil removing makeup has been top favourites of all makeup junkies.
My pick: Johnson’s baby oil

Baby shampoo: does not cause any eye irritation and hence very friendly for removing eye makeup
My pick: no more tears Johnson’s baby shampoo

After removing every trace of makeup do cleanse your face by following up with your face wash. Then use your favourite toner and moisturiser.
My picks: clean and clear foaming face wash, patanjali divya kanti gulab jal, clean and clear oil free moisturiser


  1. wet wipes is also an option when one is at their laziest best :)

  2. ya could be..thanks...will add it...