Tuesday, 17 April 2012

grandma's secret hair oil

My mother always makes this hair oil. Will tell you even at 60 she still has knee length thick hair. SO THIS IS TIME TESTED AND DEFINITELY HAS NO ADVERSE EFFECTS. It is supposed to make your hair black, long and thick. This is my grandma’s recipe and really works well. You can make this once store for the whole year. Though a little tedious but it is worth the effort.

Hair oil recipe:
Coconut oil-250ml
Sesame oil- 200ml
Olive oil-100ml
Castor oil-50ml                                                                 
Mustard oil-50ml

To the above oil mixture add the following:
½ kg fresh grated amla
2 handfuls dried amla
20-25 red hibiscus flowers
2-3 bahera grounded
2-3 pieces powdered haritaki
2 handfuls curry leaves (washed and dried off water)
1 handful neem leaves (                       ,,                          )
2 bunch brahmi leaves (                         ,,                         )

Leave this whole mixture for 3 days in the sun. Keep stirring in between. After three days put the mixture in the gas on high flame and simmer when it comes to boil. Let it boil in simmer, till all water evaporates {water mainly from amla and fresh leaves}. Keep stirring in between and be careful that it does not spill over. Take a larger vessel to avoid spilling. Cool and sieve through a cloth. Leave it hanging overnight. Now add Almond oil about -50ml to this. Pour in clean sun-dried bottles.(TRACES OF WATER IN BOTTLES MAY RUIN THE OIL IN THE LONG RUN). Pour in a smaller bottle for regular use and larger bottle for storage.
You can warm the oil slightly before application or do a hot towel turban therapy after massaging the oil thoroughly.


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    1. hi maya.do try it...it has worhed for me.....btw i did visit your blog and i really liked it..take care...happy blogging

  2. u have lovely blog....nice tips for hair....i am following u...if u like it follow e back...:)

    1. thank you so much puja....will definitely visit and check out ypur blog

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  4. Nice concoction, even I've been using it for me and my daughter....

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  5. Wow. I am definitely going to make this. But, i am confused in 2 points:

    1. The whole mixture which should be kept in sun includes the oils, too?

    2. How will I hang the Oil mixture overnight? Will it not absorbed in oil? which type of cloth to use? Please, let me understand the process again.

    SORRY for bothering you :(

    1. i am really sorry for such a late reply...i somehoemssedthis query..ya the mixture along with oils are to be kept out in the sun,any thin cloth will do ...just pour the mixture and let it hang from any place.