Thursday, 26 April 2012

my skin care regimen

I have combination to oily skin...but I have always had a healthy glowing skin..Never had a single pimple, acne, blemish or scar on my face. People are always praising about my skin, and in hostel all girls were like peeping into my cupboard to know my secret products. They even cross checked with my roommates whether I would do any secret beauty treatment/ ritual which I was hiding from them.....but I never did anything other than CTM regularly and religiously....not even applied a face pack ever...poor little crazy girls!!!!
My routine:
I wash my face wash with a face wash every morning to get rid of the oil accumulated overnight on my T-zone. I used to use pears face wash from my teens till college, when there was only one pears face wash. I changed to clean and clear ever since pears got the new variants as I do not to like the smell of even one. I even carry a small handy (INR15) pack to work, in case I need to wash my face in this highly humid place Kolkata.

While taking bath i either wash with garnier light fairness face wash or lotus herbals jojoba with active mili capsules face wash. Apart from this i have used neutragena deep pore cleansing face wash, himalaya and lacto calamine face wash. All of these were free samples or free gifts along with other products and so used them up.
At night after I am back from work I remove all make up with my Maybelline eye and lip makeup remover(for review click HERE).

Then I cleanse with lakme/garnier cleansing milk. Just dab cleansing milk all over and wipe with cotton dabbed with rose water. Then wash with any of one the face washes.

After this cleansing regimen i follow it up with a toner. I have used aroma magic skin freshener, himalya toner, dabur gulabari rose water.......but presently i am in love with ramdev baba's divya prakritic gulab jal.

 after this i moisturise with an oil free moisturiser. i love clean and clear nad neutragena for combination skin.

i exfoliate once a week. i normally use st. ives apricot scrub. often it goes out of stock..then i have used lotus herbals apricot scrub and hiphop strawberry scrub but st. ives remains my favourite

So there you go.......all my secrets revealed. Go pamper your skin and get to know what works best for you. Once you know what works and what does not for you, just follow it. Do not experiment too much. Love your skin and pamper yourself.


  1. you have a good regimen

  2. Simple yet good. Mine is also the same except for the toner. I use it sometimes. Love ur blog.Hope u check back mine and follow if u like:)

    1. thank too have a lovely blog..did visit it