Monday, 16 April 2012

my experience: all about hair care

I have really curly (tight curls), dry, frizzy hair and for a long time I did not even imagine I could tame my hair. The texture was rough and brittle. All and all it was very frustrating. So frustrating that I did not even try to keep my hair without oiling even for a single day.....even if there was a party i would go with oiled hair. Just imagine!!!!............!!!!

Now with so many products, so much of modern equipments and techniques to style, maintain and take care of hair, even unruly like mine has become easier. All we need to do is have a basic knowledge about the various products, equipments and techniques..........their indications, contraindications, advantages and disadvantages and the mode of action of these things. After going through various beauty and fashion blogs, websites, product reviews and technical specifications I decided on a hair care regimen which I am following and it has given me amazing results in just 5 months.

We all keep hearing and reading that getting a trimming done every 3 months is very important to avoid any split ends. I can tell you from experience it is always not true.........but a misconception...............a myth. 

True though is that if you have split ends they can’t be repaired (so be aware of products who advertise promising to repair split ends). You need to get it trimmed once you get split ends and then take care wisely to prevent further split ends. Hair grows around 2-3 inches in 5-6 months in an average normal healthy adult (except for a blessed few with good genes who have faster rate of growth). So if you keep trimming every 3 months you know the result for yourself. For all those lovely girls out there who wish for a rapunzeal length mane, mere trimming once in three months is not a solution. It’s just once get rid of them and take care properly to bid farewell to split ends forever and have a faster rate of growth of healthy hair.
  1. ·         Oil your hair before every wash.
  2. ·         Use a shampoo and conditioner  that suits your hair type
  3. ·         Use a conditioner every time you wash your hair
  4. ·         Air dry your hair as much as possible
  5. ·         Use a wide toothed comb
  6. ·         Be gentle while combing and brushing
  7. ·         Use a detangling product instead of fighting with the tangles. Being harsh causes breakage and reduces the length and density of your hair.
  8. ·         Avoid brushing too much on wet hair as wet hair is more prone for breakage
  9. ·         Use a heat protectant serum/spray/cream before heat styling (blow drying, straightening iron, rollers, hot curlers)
  10. ·         Do a deep conditioning treatment atleast once in 15 days (if possible once a week)
  11. ·         Tie your hair into a plait and wrap with ribbon so that it does not rub(friction causes split ends) before going to sleep
  12. ·         Keep your hair scrupulously clean, as dirt and pollution along with product build up is a major cause of hairfall
  13. ·         If you have dandruff problem try to get rid of it

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